Principal's Message

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

The Cowwarr team is all about supporting our students and families. Their education and welfare is important to us. We support students to achieve their full potential and seek to provide a 21st Century Education. For us as a country school, it is important to stay up to date academically with the latest programs and teaching strategies, and be well resourced. Our challenge is to provide our children with all that we can, and more, to give them the best start possible. We strive to make school relevant to our students so that they remain positive and perceive Cowwarr Primary to be an important resource to help them achieve future goals. Our absenteeism is near zero, and our academic results are admirable, so we are moving in the right direction.

Literacy and numeracy are a priority at Cowwarr Primary School as we know that these two subject areas are at the very foundation of learning. We do however strive to bring a varied curriculum to allow the children to explore their gifts and talents in order for them to make informed choices about their future pathways.

We have set out to be a school that prepares our students for the future and the need to embrace change and new technology. This is a driver for us as we expand computer programs and curriculum, provide up to date resources and help the children to develop ways to use technology safely and effectively. The use of technology is a life skill as it is a means of communication as well as an academic tool for research and development. As a more isolated school we seek to expose the children to technology beyond the basic, to include 3D printing and robotics. This technology is not common in isolated country schools but essential if children are to survive in a competitive 21st century work environment.

Our values program and 'Talk Time' programs are about preparing our children to live in community and contribute to it. Just as important as academic programs, is the program which helps the children participate in the local Cowwarr Team and the wider community. Our school values are Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Self-Belief. We are highly motivated to build up the Cowwarr community, with a foundation of students who are knowledgeable, caring, and productive human beings.

Our local community help with the education of our children by working with them in our community garden. We are also associated with local Landcare, Football Club, Lions Club, Rotary Club, CFA and Hotel. All local groups enthusiastically support our school and participate in our education program.

We refer to our school as the Cowwarr Team. Our students can feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging. This limits the need to compete with others and creates an opportunity to work together as a team so that the children can attain their individual goals.

Mrs Chanae Johns