Welcome to Cowwarr Primary School


Welcome to Cowwarr Primary School. Our beautiful school was established in 1877 at the foot hills to the Thomson Valley. The school has a family atmosphere where children learn and play with friends of all ages, supporting and teaching one another. New families are always welcome to the township and a feeling of welcoming warmth is evident throughout our community.

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We are part of the Sale Rural Cluster of 8 similar sized schools: Nambrok Denison PS, Bundalaguah PS, Cobains PS, Wurruk PS, Seaspray PS, Loch Sport PS and Airly PS

Recent News

New Building

  December 3rd, 2020

The Cowwarr PS main building was burnt down in a fire in January 2020. The education department of Victoria have decided to rebuild the school. A word from Mr Fitt... Wow, just look at the pictures of our new building! We are so fortunate at Cowwarr that the Education Minister is following through on his promise to rebuild...

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