News Article

New Building

  Thursday 3rd December, 2020

The Cowwarr PS main building was burnt down in a fire in January 2020. The education department of Victoria have decided to rebuild the school.

A word from Mr Fitt…..

Wow, just look at the pictures of our new building! We are so fortunate at Cowwarr that the Education Minister is following through on his promise to rebuild our school after the fire. We as a team, are very appreciative of how we have been treated and cared for and are overwhelmed by how special and personal our new school will be.
We are a close knit team of children staff and parents and we also welcome our wider community. Our new school reflects this openness, and welcomes our team inside to space, colour and personality.

Although the school building is new, its design reflects our past and allows us to remember, but still moves us into the 21st century.

I remember listening to speaker once who had a title for his talk “Remembering the Future”! This is how I see our new school as we remember where we’ve come from and that the people are the team. We remember the good times of generations and what we have learnt to get us to this point but we look forward to bigger and better things in the future.

I love the new building already and I loved the old building too. You can do both as what I loved about the old building was spending time with my team and what I love about the new building is that it is a new place to spend time with my team remembering the future.

Our building has a large gallery and decking for our concert. Decking on which to have lunch, a staff area for the coffee machine, an area for the arts and science and two fantastic classroom spaces. It also has beautiful landscaping to make it look just right.

It is our school, it is Cowwarr’s school and it signals a great future which we can all look forward to.

Special thanks to the architects, to Lianne Bassett who patiently worked to get everything just right, to Nicky Meddings our school council President who shared her ideas and opinions, to the school council which supported the build with ideas, to the staff who had input into what is needed in a school for good learning to take place, to the students who did drawings of what they wanted, and to all of our families who deserve the best and inspire and support us every day.

So this OUR SCHOOL…….