Prep Transition

We have extremely strong links with our local kindergarten. Transition from kinder to school is an ongoing adventure starting once children are settled into kinder. We want the students of the kinder to feel a part of the school community as early as possible.

Visits and transitions to the school start in the fourth term. Many of our kinder students have older relatives at the school and see it as a great adventure to go and play with the “big kids”. Our students especially enjoy combined celebrations and family days. These times are special as the kinder students are able to create connections and familiarise themselves with the school and staff, prior to attending school.

As part of the transition program for all new students coming to the school, we employ a speech pathologist who is able to assist us with assessing, diagnosing or treating any language disorders that can have an impact on learning. They screen new students and bring our attention to areas that we can begin to work with, to ensure students have the best start to their learning. This ensures each child’s individual needs are meet and sets them on the path to success.